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With the completion of repair works in Savura, Wailoku, by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF), residents in the affected area now have their water supply returned to normal.

Following the repair works to the main line, all elevated areas received consistent water supply by 4 pm yesterday (14/06), whereupon numerous residents of Savura and Wailoku expressed their gratitude to the WAF team.

The water supply was disrupted because of a major, underground leakage that was the result of a landslip which dislocated the main water pipeline several weeks ago. The WAF crew identified the leakage that was the main cause of the interrupted water supply.

Team members from the Authority’s Central Region – District Metered Area (DMA) Operations and Leak Detection Unit (LDU) under the Non-Revenue Water Unit (NRW) worked around the clock to rectify the issue.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Mr Samanmal Ekanayake, thanked the residents of Wailoku and Savura for their patience and understanding, as the WAF crew members worked long hours to identify and rectify the situation that affected the water supply to areas in Wailoku.

“This was a difficult repair as it involved laying of a new pipeline along certain sections of the pipeline. Nevertheless, we were able to get the problem fixed,” said Mr Ekanayake.

Mr Ekanayake said that during the disruption period, the Authority provided continuous water carting services to all affected customers in the area.

“During the water carting, officers also conducted house to house visitations to update customers on the status of the repair and verification works,” said Mr Ekanayake.

Mr Ekanayake said the Authority was committed to supplying clean water and sanitation to all Fijians.


What is the process and fee for a new water connection?

How much is the Lodgment fee?

  • House under construction / Vacant land / Commercial or Industrial
    • $101.00.
  • Completely built house. – [Please provide a letter from the lands department and/ or completion certificate ]
    • $21.95. [Please provide a letter from the lands department. completion certificate or Stamped Statutory declaration on the completion of the house]

Processing Time

  • Inspection to Approval – 15 Working days from the inspection date.
  • Installation – 30 Working days from payment of New Connection cost, on a first-come, first-serve basis. [Stakeholder processing may cause delays]. *Note: Approval of installation is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

How much does the new connection cost?

  • Type A – $285 [“T” from existing connection] Type B $345 [direct connection from WAF main line]
  • New connection costs for Commercial and Industrial customers will be estimated according to requirements and a cost will be provided.
  • Road Crossing/ Service Enlargement is payable if required for additional meters requested. This will be communicated when the approval of internal and external stakeholders are obtained. WAF on behalf of FRA will refund any unused monies to the customer where applicable.

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