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The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) wishes to advise its customers living in Nadi that water supply will be disrupted from 6pm Saturday, 2nd November 2019 until 7pm Sunday, 3rd November 2019. 

Water supply is expected to be disrupted the entire Blackrock supply zone from Sabeto, Votualevu, Namaka, Martintar, Nasoso and Navakai. 

Areas Affected include: 

Naboutini Road, Sabeto Road, Sabeto Village, Natalau, Barara, Parts of Waimalika, Naisoso, Aero Place, Quanville Estate, Naisosovou, Sanasana Settlement, Fiji Airways hanger, Parts of Queens Road from Votualevu Rounabout to Barara Flats, Legalega Road, Belavu, Neelfield, Westfield, Voivoi, Savunawai Stage 02, Parts of Namaka, Vunisalato Road, Kakala Place, Balabala Crescent, Vodokana Road, Uci Road, Waqadra, Vudi Crescent, Kavika Place, Bouvudi Crescent, Senijale Road, Vau Street, Muniappa naidu Road, Azmat Khan Road, Beddoes Circle, Fasa Avenue, Old Nadi Back Road, Namaka Industrial Subdivision, Nasilavata Road, Cawa Road, Rovate Road, Brewers Road, Mount Saint Marys Crescent, Kennedy Street, Martintar Road, Anderson Road, Gray Road, Mountain view Estate, Tilak Road, Haji Street, Khalil Street, Zahoor Road, Jetview Road, Jetpoint, Martintar, Ragg Street, Mcelrath Crescent, Northern Press Road, Kabatia Road, Goundar Road, Hibiscus Road, Tadra Flowers, Wailoaloa Road, Nadi Bay Road, Palms Estate, Wasawasa Road, Baravi Road, Palms Road, Newtown Road, CAAF Quarters Newtown, CAAF Fire Station Newtown, Turtle Airways Newtown, Enamanu Road, Kennedy Avenue, Watson Road, Norms Place, Mossad Place, Queens Road Nakavu, Saunaka Village, Nakavu Village, Namotomoto Village, Navoci Village, Navakai Housing, Nadi Sports club, Bangladesh Road, Saravi Road, Saravui Loop Road, Fantasy Road, Fantasy Island, Nuku circle, Bryan Road, Navakai-Depot Road, Buduka Settlement, Waqana Road, Nasau, Mulomulo, Solovi, Maqania, Tifui Road, Namoli Road, Nadi Back Road, Malolo, Qeleloa, Togomasi, Togolavusa, Navo Sector, Navo Feeder Road, Farmers Road, Moala Village, Matavauvau, Korovuto Village, Mate Road, Sonaisali Nacovi, Nawaicoba, Yako Village, Yako Seaside, Yako Temple Road, Yako Hillside, Nabila Village, Nawai Pump Station, Uciwai, Redenzvous Hotel, Nalovo. 

The interruption in supply is to allow WAF crew members to carry out cut-in works on the realigned section of DN375 inlet trunk mains to Blackrock Reservoir. 

WAF advises that to sufficiently satisfy your water requirements over the shutdown period that each household should store 250 litres of water for drinking and cooking purposes. For other purposes such as bathing, washing dishes and clothes, more water should be stored.  

WAF will ensure that during the shutdown period there will be no interruption in the major services such as hospitals, airport, and schools as water trucks will be deployed to cart water. 

Therefore, the Authority is kindly requesting its customers residing in these areas to support this essential operation by storing sufficient water prior to the disruption and using water wisely for their immediate needs during this shutdown period. 

The Water Authority highly regrets any inconvenience caused to its customers. For further enquiries, customers can call 1507 (TFL, Vodafone, Digicel & Inkk users) or email


What is the process and fee for a new water connection?

How much is the Lodgment fee?

  • House under construction / Vacant land / Commercial or Industrial
    • $101.00.
  • Completely built house. – [Please provide a letter from the lands department and/ or completion certificate ]
    • $21.95. [Please provide a letter from the lands department. completion certificate or Stamped Statutory declaration on the completion of the house]

Processing Time

  • Inspection to Approval – 15 Working days from the inspection date.
  • Installation – 30 Working days from payment of New Connection cost, on a first-come, first-serve basis. [Stakeholder processing may cause delays]. *Note: Approval of installation is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

How much does the new connection cost?

  • Type A – $285 [“T” from existing connection] Type B $345 [direct connection from WAF main line]
  • New connection costs for Commercial and Industrial customers will be estimated according to requirements and a cost will be provided.
  • Road Crossing/ Service Enlargement is payable if required for additional meters requested. This will be communicated when the approval of internal and external stakeholders are obtained. WAF on behalf of FRA will refund any unused monies to the customer where applicable.