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Water supply in the Nadi and Lautoka areas are now fully restored following the completion of the Emergency Water Shutdown at the Nagado Water Treatment Plant over the weekend.

WAF Chief Operating Officer, Mr Samanmal Ekanayake, thanked the members of the public in the Nadi and Lautoka for taking heed of the notices regarding the emergency shutdown.

“I would like to thank our customers who were affected during this emergency shutdown for their understanding and taking heed of the notices and storing water to sustain them during the water disruption period,” said Mr Ekanayake.

“We decided to carry out this repair with a short notice due to the urgency of the repair. If we did not act quickly it could have resulted in a catastrophic structural damage which could have resulted in a complete shutdown at Nagado leaving thousands of Fijians without water supply for a month or two,” explained Ekanayake.

Mr Ekanayake also said it was a challenge for WAF in ensuring that the public had water during the disruption period.

“Ensuring the availability of the drinking water requirement of thousands of customers, including the hotel sector and other businesses during the shutdown period was the major challenge that WAF faced during the emergency shutdown.”

“But with proper planning, we were able to meet the challenge. Since the announcement of the shutdown, we would like to thank the cooperation of the public, major customers including hotels, businesses and Government institutions that helped WAF to achieve its goal in getting water supply restored,” said Mr Ekanayake.

WAF General Manager for Customer Services, Mr Sekove Uluinayau also thanked the many Fijians who took heed of the notices and alerts.

“During the shutdown, the toll-free line 1507 had received over 700 telephone calls for assistance and clarifications. We also would like to thank our customers for their understanding and bearing with the Authority as it had to undertake critical works at Nagado,” said Mr Uluinayau.

Meanwhile, Mr Ekanayake said that WAF has the capacity to undertake similar operations in the future as another shutdown will have to take place to allow re-installation of the new Vanessa valves at the treatment in Nagado.

“The Authority will ensure that enough time will be given to customers in Nadi and Lautoka for the next planned water shutdown at Nagado, details of the shutdown will be made known once plans have been finalised and the new valves arrive into the country from the manufactures abroad,” explained Mr Ekanayake.

Finally, Mr Ekanayake thanked the management and the staff who worked tirelessly over the weekend “for their hard work and commitment during the shutdown period, with teamwork and proper planning anything is possible.”

Mr Ekanayake urged the WAF team to their very best and continue to provide better and efficient water and sanitation services to all Fijians.

With the emergency shutdown completed and water supply fully restored to all affected areas, the toll-free shortcode 1507 and email: have been deactivated.

Customers are to contact the WAF National Call Centre on 334 6777 or 5777 or email for further enquiries.


What is the process and fee for a new water connection?

How much is the Lodgment fee?

  • House under construction / Vacant land / Commercial or Industrial
    • $101.00.
  • Completely built house. – [Please provide a letter from the lands department and/ or completion certificate ]
    • $21.95. [Please provide a letter from the lands department. completion certificate or Stamped Statutory declaration on the completion of the house]

Processing Time

  • Inspection to Approval – 15 Working days from the inspection date.
  • Installation – 30 Working days from payment of New Connection cost, on a first-come, first-serve basis. [Stakeholder processing may cause delays]. *Note: Approval of installation is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

How much does the new connection cost?

  • Type A – $285 [“T” from existing connection] Type B $345 [direct connection from WAF main line]
  • New connection costs for Commercial and Industrial customers will be estimated according to requirements and a cost will be provided.
  • Road Crossing/ Service Enlargement is payable if required for additional meters requested. This will be communicated when the approval of internal and external stakeholders are obtained. WAF on behalf of FRA will refund any unused monies to the customer where applicable.