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Desilting Works at Waimanu Raw Water Pumping Station

The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) would like to advise customers that we will be carrying out planned works to allow for teams to carry out desilting works at the Waimanu Raw Water Pump Stations, specifically within the raw water wells #1 and #2 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝟴 𝗮𝗺 𝗦𝗮𝘁𝘂𝗿𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝟮𝟳 𝗔𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗹 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰 𝘁𝗼 𝟴 𝗮𝗺 𝗦𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝟮𝟴 𝗔𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗹 𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟰.

Customers are requested to prepare accordingly and store enough water for use during this time.

𝗔𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀 𝗮𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗱:

📍𝗟𝗮𝗺𝗶 𝗔𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀: Lami main road, Delainavesi, Qauia, Panaromic Road, Veisari, Lami Town, Wailada Industrial, Wailekutu, Uduya Point, Osonabukete, Waiqanake, Namuka-i-Lau Village, Togalevu village up to Togalevu Naval Base.

📍𝗠𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗥𝗼𝗮𝗱: Sukanaivalu Road, Malima Street, Pikeu Street, Mead Road PRB, Bayview Heights, Volavola Road, Upper Mead Road.

📍𝗦𝗮𝗺𝗮𝗯𝘂𝗹𝗮 𝗡𝗼𝗿𝘁𝗵: Bureta Street, Loa Street, Aiwa Street, Lakeba Street, Fulaga Street, Kabara Road, Tototya Street, Vatoa Road, Nayau Street, Helsen Road, Ono Street and whole of Samabula North.

𝙍𝙚𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙤𝙞𝙧 𝙍𝙤𝙖𝙙 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙛𝙚𝙚𝙙𝙚𝙧 𝙧𝙤𝙖𝙙𝙨.

📍𝗥𝗲𝘄𝗮 𝗦𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗲𝘁: Main Rewa Street, Kikau Street, Sese Street, Talasiga Road, Lekutu Street, Howell Road, Havelock Road, Greene Street, Alexander Street, Joe Singh Road, Upper Nailuva Road, Raisara Road, Albert Lee Place, Ritova Street, Matanitobua Street, Kini Street, Upper Milverton Road, Upper Nairai Road including top shop and upper Raiwai housing, whole of Rewa Street areas.

📍𝗥𝗮𝘁𝘂 𝗠𝗮𝗿𝗮 𝗥𝗼𝗮𝗱 𝗡𝗮𝗯𝘂𝗮: Ratu Mara Road, Lower Ono Street, Belo Street, Kanavi Street, Kaka Street, Kula Street, Gaji Road, Beddoes Place, Lagilagi Road, Jittu Estate, Aidney Street, Udit Narayan Road, Upper Falvey Road, Shalimar Street, Raiwasa areas and all feeder roads.

📍𝗪𝗮𝗶𝗺𝗮𝗻𝘂 𝗥𝗼𝗮𝗱: Waimanu Road, Extension Street, Toganivalu Road, Sawani Street, Mal Street, Boron Road, Moti Street, Tawake Street and surrounding areas.

The multiple rain events over the last few months deposited large volumes of silt at our Waimanu Raw Water Pump Station, and as a result, desilting works are now required to remove excess silt within the pump stations to ensure that our raw water pumps can operate safely. These desilting works are crucial as operating pumps with high silt levels will result in the pumps being damaged thus causing prolonged water supply disruption.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank our customers for their patience and understanding.

For further enquiries, customers can call (679) 3346777 or short code 5777 (all mobile networks) the WAF Mobile App or email us at

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What is the process and fee for a new water connection?

How much is the Lodgment fee?

  • House under construction / Vacant land / Commercial or Industrial
    • $101.00.
  • Completely built house. – [Please provide a letter from the lands department and/ or completion certificate ]
    • $21.95. [Please provide a letter from the lands department. completion certificate or Stamped Statutory declaration on the completion of the house]

Processing Time

  • Inspection to Approval – 15 Working days from the inspection date.
  • Installation – 30 Working days from payment of New Connection cost, on a first-come, first-serve basis. [Stakeholder processing may cause delays]. *Note: Approval of installation is valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

How much does the new connection cost?

  • Type A – $285 [“T” from existing connection] Type B $345 [direct connection from WAF main line]
  • New connection costs for Commercial and Industrial customers will be estimated according to requirements and a cost will be provided.
  • Road Crossing/ Service Enlargement is payable if required for additional meters requested. This will be communicated when the approval of internal and external stakeholders are obtained. WAF on behalf of FRA will refund any unused monies to the customer where applicable.